Thursday, May 30, 2013

Your Twenties ARE Important!

If you are in your twenties, love someone in their twenties or will live into your twenties, please watch this. This TED talk was posted on my sister's amazing blog For the Love of Bookshops and I have to share it here too. My sister poses some great questions and reflections on that I hope you'll check out on her blog post above. 

  • Your Twenties are possibly the most important and transformative years of your life.
  • You have your last mental growth spurt in your twenties.
  • This means that you create behavioral patterns that you will probably keep all of your adult life in your twenties.

Think about all the major life decisions people make in their twenties. Think of all the fears, discouragement, encouragement, hope, and growth that happens as you discover, once more, who you are. This is worth watching and definitely worth thinking about. And guys, your twenties matter!