Saturday, May 4, 2013

Wake up

This is me napping in the London airport
 I love to sleep!

Most people who know me are graciously aware that mornings are not my favorite time of day. My favorite thing to do is "sleep 'till I wake up." In other words, I love to wake up naturally without an alarm clock.

This is me napping out at Lake Tahoe, CA
Fortunately, I work in an amazing job that often allows me the responsibility of choosing to get my best work done a the times of day that I literally can produce my best work.
Me, passed out in Tuscany, Italy

If I happen to loose any sleep from a late night that rolls into an early morning, I will most certainly take a nap. I am not talking about the "20 minute refresher" naps that my mom swears by. I am talking about a 2 hour hibernation spell. And when I am ready for that nap, I can fall asleep almost anywhere. 

The photos provided are all real.

I am not a narcoleptic. 

Me, resting out on a mission trip I lead in a gym full of amused middle schoolers

 It wasn't until Joel taught me the power and beauty of camping that I began to appreciate starting the day when the sun came up.
Me, hibernating out at Prague Castle, Prague

When you camp, you are simply living with the day. When it gets dark you just go to bed, there really isn't anything else to do. Often you are tired and ready for a good rest after a long day of hiking and traveling. Once you've had enough of the incredible, unpolluted starry skies of the wilderness, it is time to climb into Big Agnes (our tent). 

 Then the sun comes up...

It reveals the epic beauty of another morning. I wake excited, elated and so ready to get out into nature to visit all that it has to offer. On our last camping trip I shocked myself by waking up at 5:00 a.m. (Ungodly! I usually say) chomping at the bit to get into Arches National Park. We watched the sun come up from the middle of the park and there wasn't a soul around. Amazing!

Joel and I often reflect on our easy ability to wake up early on our epic, camping vacations. Why can't we incorporate this into our routine at home? We know the reasons (or excuses)...the distractions, the communications, the fact that we live in dorm on a college campus...but in our hearts we also know that the day provided is a glorious one and we are fortunate to experience every moment of daylight no matter where we are.

What do you wake up for?

I wake up for this:

Yosemite National Park

Drives through Colorado

Lineville Falls, NC in autumn

Arches National Park, UT at sunrise

Creator Lake, Oregon

Sequoia National Forest, CA

Mt. Evans Colorado "14er"

Big Sur, CA

Canyonlands National Park "Needles"

Carmel by the Sea, CA


Petrified Forest National Park- I am touching a 1.5 million year old tree

Redwoods National Forests, CA

New River, NC