Thursday, May 2, 2013


photo from the Washington Post
I really enjoy juicing. I don't have a juicer because I thought that if I juiced by hand I'd be able to get the most out of my food (i.e. you waste a lot of good stuff if the juicer can't squash the pulp hard enough). 

I have juiced on and off for almost two months and I really find it therapeutic. It taps into my creative energy to combine fruits and veggies into concoctions of nourishment. I mix the foods that have nutrients I am aware that I need in a day or that I am missing (you can look them up online).

Something about pressing the pulp and catching the bright colored liquid just connects my heart to the earth and I sense that I am doing something good.

Once my glass if full, I say "cheers" to God and inhale the earthy, green aromas of raw nourishment. I feel energy almost instantly. I have beaten off colds and sore throats. I don't get as hungry between meals and seem to be able to curb my appetite in general. After all, you don't hear your stomach growl when you are getting all the nutrients you need in a day. 

Last week, Joel and I ordered a juicer. I have decided that this will benefit my life and is a healthy way to eat large amounts of raw, fresh fruits and veggies. However, if you are interested in juicing but don't have a juicer here is what you can do:

  • Put the fruits and veggies you want to juice in a food processor for 5 minutes on high.
    food processor from Internet
  • Take a wire ladle and pour the contents (a little at a time) into the ladle. Be sure your ladle is over a bowl to catch the liquid. Use a firm spatula to press the contents of the ladle down hard so you can squeeze out all the possible juice.
  • Sometimes I add water to the mixture in the food processor if I want more liquid or think that I need to dilute the contents down.
  • After you press the juice you may want to pour the liquid back through the ladle one more time just to be sure you have scooped out all the pulp.
    wire ladle from Internet
  • Then drink!
We have a raw foods restaurant in town called Luna's Living Kitchen. They make their own juices. I've been trying each of them and analyzing the contents so that I can try to make them myself. My favorite is the beet zinger and the tree of life. However, there are plenty of good recipes online.

 If you are looking for a quick, delicious, healthy way to get all your nutrients for a day, try juicing.