Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Jeff, who lives at home

Where can I even begin? There is so much I want to share with you all about this incredible experience of moving. We are right in the face of change, inhaling her sweet breath as she dictates the new existence we will both become part of. Now that Joel and I are about to have the oppertunity to stare down the otherside of this tunnel "unknown", there are so many pieces to this puzzle that leave me inspired. All of these precieved changes; Joel's job change, our moving off campus, finding an apartment, actually moving our stuff, getting a second car, traveling to see family and friends, all of these changes were given life months ago without our even knowing it. What we are experiencing right now are perfect blossoms stemming from roots God planted to spring forth at this very time.I have been praising Him in all my moves today as I think about how this new season is unfolding before us, carrying us. Before I can relay my amazement in detail, first I want to share a story with you that I did not write even though it has become part of my own story today.

Jeff, who lives at home is a movie that I happened upon on netflix a while ago. It is now one of my favorites. It is important to admit that I sympathize with Jeff's choice of looking to the signs and following his gut feelings. I have always done this (sometimes well and sometimes not so well). I believe this is a way that God speaks to me. I've talked about this before in Signs. By the end of this film, I weep for joy and I hope I always do. These tears bubble up from a deep place in my heart that rejoices in the confirmation that God truly is behind it all. Everything means something, everything has a purpose and we can choose to experience that truth or not.

I want to share the intro with you here. This is a comedy or at least it was sold as a comedy, so please forgive the toilet, bongs, and cuss words if you decide to watch the whole thing. It is the humanity of this film that captured my heart and my attention. There is so much to learn from here and a world of inspiration to be gleaned. 

So here is Jeff, a man after my own heart, talking about Signs...