Monday, May 6, 2013


This is me giving manicures in Malawi

Joel hanging with the neighborhood kids in Lilongwe, Malawi

 Who needs a honeymoon when you can go on a honey-mission? 

During the year we were engaged, Joel and I felt we were being called to Malawi and decided to visit Africa for a test run at envisioning our lives as missionaries. This happened in the place of a traditional honeymoon.

It is hard to tell just how long people have feared evil beings. However, our ancestors speak up through artifacts left behind that this tradition of lurking creatures has probably been around for more than 4,000 years.
Braum Stoker's novel Dracula pulled together years of folklore and mythology to explain the destructive potential of a vampire while giving us just the tools we needed to avoid that blood-sucking bite.

As it turns out, Joel experienced a blood-sucking bite while we were in Malawi. He was bitten by a mosquito. Just one. The only one that our Malarone could not ward off.

It wasn't long after our return that he landed in the ICU with Malaria. His blood was being eaten by a parasite which may as well have been a vampire.

During this terrible ordeal, a naturalist friend sent me a facebook message that read "Give him garlic. Nothing can live in a garlic infested environment."

I have done a lot of research on garlic since that endeavour and it turns out that she was right. 
photo courtesy of the Internet

It comes as no surprise to realize once again, God has given humanity everything it needs to live well. We get so lost in our own creations that we forget that this garden we live in is all God's and every single system is intricately connected to Him. It is perfect in it's mystery.

Four thousand years of folklore suggests that to ward off a vampire it is best to use garlic. Blood born disease, heart problems, infections- garlic can correct all of these things. The benefits of garlic in your daily diet and most especially to treat blood, heart and bacterial related problems is overwhelming. I have used garlic to cure the common cold, flu, sore throats, ear infections, and bladder infections. I am not saying that you are going to smell good during this process of prevention and treatment, but you are going to have better health.

As you go about your day please remember the strange cures that your grandma used to suggest. Think about the ancient folklore you've heard all your life. Then imagine...what if...just what if...all of this is somehow true. 

What if God's message of provision is entertwined in the languages, metaphors and stories of human history. What if all of these resources point us to a treasure map of truth reading: You have everything you need to live well, love God.