Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I was two minutes late to "happy hour yoga flow" class over the weekend. I was disruptive enough (I walked in with 3 other late yogis) that our instructor pulled the rest of the class out of a meditation and asked everyone to just hang out in a pose that they were comfortable in while she shared something with us. 

Our instructor appeared to be in a bubbly mood as she turned on softly bopping Reggae music. Both her mood and the music were unusual in our studio and the energy in the space seemed to become alert with anticipation. Once we all assumed a pose that felt right, she shared a conversation she had with her mentor on the phone that morning. It went something like this:

(Mentor to instructor)

Thank you Internet
Remember that you are a bumblebee. You live out your days doing what you were born to do; flying from flower to flower. You don't even realize how your daily routine touches the lives of others. Each time to visit a flower your actions are creating life. You may not ever know the impact of your daily motions, the lives you've touched, the life you have breathed into people but it is certain that your actions matter. Every time you come in contact with anther person you are creating life. You are a bumblebee. 

I try to remind myself of this fact often as I minister to middle schoolers. Today I want you to remember this insight. Even if you don't realize it, the moment you are in right now is exactly where God is creating something new, something life-giving and you are called to become part of it. 

Thank you Internet
I read in a book called "Kindred Spirit" that the answer to the question "Who is the most important person in the world?" is "The person you are with right now."

You are a bumblebee.