Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Power of Perspective

 On Wednesday nights I lead a small group for middle school youth. These guys and girls are inspiring. They lead one another now by taking ownership of  creating lessons and activities to enable them to learn and grow together. They take turns leading. We run around a lot but probably not as much as we laugh or fall down. This particular week our leader was not able to come to small group so I took a turn and created a lesson.

  “ I am considering that I learn about others first, from what is shared about their lives, about who they say they are. Next, what is being said goes through my filter, my thoughts, and experiences of them. I can see that once I get to know you through my filter it would be difficult to experience you in any other way. In fact I keep putting you in the same box and relating to you like you are a certain way, even setting you up to continue to show up exactly as I already know you to be.” - Kindred Spirit: Fulfilling Loves Promise by Matthew and Terces Engelhart

Sitting in the grass we talked about this idea. How does your perspective and experience change how you feel about people or situations? Can you control that? Just like I knew it somewhere deep inside, they felt it in their guts... they control their experiences; we all do. They seemed relieved, perhaps they were empowered. Either way, I sent them up a tree to embrace this new idea through a story; Zacchaeus the tax collector. 

For the first time they experienced that story from the perspective of Zacchaues and for the first time I experienced the story from the perspective of Jesus which was totally unintended and amazing. We just looked at one another and even though I was teaching I felt something happening between us; we were waking up together. 

Click here for the Lesson Plan through googledocs: Power of Perspective Small Group Lesson