Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I walked to work

     My husband and I made the decision last fall to give one of our cars away. We have happily shared one car for over 9 months now which is made possible by our very close job sites and our walker-friendly city. Today I walked to work. It is one of those things that I am always glad I made the time to do. I am fortunate enough to live 2.4 miles from my job in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Charlotte. This makes for a walk that gets your blood pumping, metabolism going and gives your eyes plenty to feast on.

 Preparing for "walkerhood", I thought that the biggest transition we'd face would be scheduling those rare days when we both needed the car at the same time. I never once considered that being car-less could actually become a blessing. 

On the days that I've walked to work I have been bombarded with some of nature's most beautiful flora and fauna which turns out to be just the icing on the cake this walking adventure. Walking has opened me up to something I didn't expect at all- people. 

I've met people I would not have encountered anywhere else in my usual meanderings through the week. I've walked alongside janitors, lawn men,  nurses, teachers, friends from school I haven't seen in ages, homeless neighbors who all greet me as a fellow wanderer on this concrete path towards home. Isn't this what the journey of life is all about?

Being car-less has also awakened me to people from my own community who offer me rides and invite me into their world's for the brief two miles it takes to drop me off. Those car rides expose me to wisdom painfully earned and easily provided, disputes needing a mediator, new relationships I hadn't noticed, or even just the simple gratitude of being able to do something nice for someone you care about. I've discovered that it is a gift to allow others the chance to serve you for a moment in your day. Not to mention, only having one car allows me lots of time to  really get good talks in with my husband when we are on the road together.

Letting go of a car was something we thought we might regret. We imagined we would loose some freedom with that decision. However, freedom may not need wheels at all. My freedom has come with feet and faces, smiles and waves.

 The provision on the path of life is usually not what you expect but it's power is enough to fill you with the sense that today you truly lived. 

                            Today's photos were taken by me on my walk to work.