Tuesday, April 16, 2013


"True art makes the divine silence in the soul break into applause." Hafiz


One year ago someone asked me where I spend time with God.

I spoke reluctantly, "I used to know the answer to that one."

 Growing up I abided most evenings lying on my back in the middle of our trampoline watching the sun set behind the trees.

 I experienced God staring into the colors of the sky peaking through twisted branches above me.

We communed together and I knew the assurance of His love and provision.

I have lived in the city for eight years now and there are no woods or trampolines.

I wander parks and green-ways. I sit in quads and squares. Can you go to a place to experience God?

 I still am drawn to nature and keep my eyes on the sunsets.

Do I simply carry them with me now?

The day of the fateful question, I came home and wondered if I still spent time with God.  I thought I did but when?

I stared at my walls...

...the colors came into focus...

fields... trees silhouetted... vibrant sunsets...

 Revelation! I have been painting my God time for eight years.

  My walls are covered in my God time.

 Our apartment has become a sanctuary for my heart where God and I live together and I am restored.

I step into this nucleus and bask in the truth- God abides in me and all my time is His.


How do you experience God abiding in you?

Where do you hang the paintings of your heart?

                                             The artwork work and photography by Claire Tomkinson