Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I took this photo of my husband Joel in Zion National Park
A couple years after my dad died it became clear that I needed to invest some time into counseling. I was a psychology major and had big dreams of being a counselor someday so naturally, I thought I could handle this grief situation by my lonesome. Of course, that proved untrue. 

Sitting on Jean's couch feeling myself being swept away on the sweet river of southern drawl, I noticed something I didn't expect-I was comfortable. She told me that she leaned heavily on dream analysis because she believes that dreams are a barometer for your unconscious mind, your spiritual state. She thought that if you could simply claim the raw and vulnerable meaning of your dreams then your conscious mind will start to handle the issues you are burying deep down. Fortunately, for us both, I was already a big fan of this sort of therapy.

Dreams serve a very deliberate and viable purpose in your daily living. If you choose it, your dreams can become an avenue for tapping into the Holy Spirit and allowing yourself to be nourished and grow. Your dreams offer you the truth about how you are feeling and experiencing your waking life. We are so good at convincing ourselves that those raw emotions and needs are not really part of our living or thinking. Once we claim them and name them, then we can truly move forward on this spiritual journey into a place of transformative growth. 

  Challenge of the month:

  • Keep a dream journal for one month- try and write your dreams down right after you wake up.
  • Set the intention before you dream by praying that you will remember your dreams or by telling yourself that you will. This makes a difference for those of you who don't usually remember your dreams.
  • Look up the symbolism in your dreams and discern their cumulative meaning.
    • colors, objects, blink reactions to people who appear in your dreams, actions, emotions, these are all symbols.

 If you are real with yourself you will notice a daily transformation with this practice. Track how you are growing each day. Pay attention to how much more you dream when your body, mind and spirit know you are are actually listening to your whole self.