Friday, April 5, 2013

5 Things Friday

My head is filled with possibilities of what this blog space could look like someday. As I ponder ideas for Waked Up, Church Worker Wednesday (with curriculum to share), and Tapped in Tuesday posts, I can't help but remind myself I've saved one day a week to dive into the imperfection in this journey of living. 5 Things Fridays are going to primarily be dedicated to the humanity of this walk. That's right, I am going to share the embarrassing, the messed up, the awkward and the generally ridiculous of my life's journey. There is nothing worse than reading a blog full of perfect photos, perfect words, perfect descriptions that make you wonder if your own story is good enough. Gross. That is not real! I am committing to being totally authentic here. This weekly practice of confession and laughter is something I think we should all dabble in. If there are any 5 Thing Fridays that you feel inspired to share your most ridiculous lessons from the week please just post below! I'd love to hear from you so, that in the very least, I know someone is as imperfect as me!

Children's service flowering the Cross

  1. Missing Easter- This was the most important time of year in my church family growing up. Church and Family are the same things to me. When your dad is the pastor of your church and your mom is the Director of Christian Education, you call pews your home. My Dad had a mystical way about him and he made Lent and Palm Sunday through Holy Week the most exciting adventure of the year. Ever since he passed away, I have not been able to open up to the magic of this precious season. Another Easter has come and gone and I have avoided the Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Sunrise service. I miss this. I attended the high, holy Easter service at 11:00 and was blown away by it's beauty. The music was the kind that brought tears to my eyes. The joy was so tangible I really felt that I could pull it out of the air and pop in my mouth to chew on it for a while. However, even in that moment, I knew I was missing something that was such a big part of my faith journey- participating in Holy Week. It was like sitting on top of the mountain celebrating with all the hikers who just arrived but not actually walking with them. I was not invested in the journey. Next year, I really need to reclaim this part of my own soul. Easter is about Jesus not missing my Dad. This is a tough lesson for a PK
  2. Terrible Grammar- I am being tender with myself as I start this blog.  So far I've only shared the link with my most trusted family and friends. I've asked for feedback and blogging advice to help me do this well. With that, I sent my blog to my wonderful mother who read it and immediately rushed into my office with a list of all the grammar mistakes I made. She graciously, I really mean this, told me she knows nothing about blogging but by God, she can edit! I thanked her and corrected each place that she noted. This was a great practice for the perfectionist in me who was completely panicking as I remembered what I blocked out so long ago...I was not taught grammar! Thank you hooked on phonics and being raised in the south! So bare with me people...I am trying. Thankfully, I do have a couple good editors on my side! Thank you, Mom.
  3. Too Long- I am really long winded! I write curriculum almost everyday at work,I teach,I talk with people and I explain things constantly ..but man when I write for fun I just cannot keep it short! I am working on it believe it or not. Perhaps you'll see the results of it next week.
  4. Beer- Perhaps it is heretical, but I think partaking in most things that bring community together is communion and communion is always worth celebrating... and I love celebrating. My awesome sister showed up to my mom's Easter dinner with two growlers of local Atlanta beer which I drank heartily. This is the moment where I apologize to my family and dear friends for dominating our Easter conversations with discussions of farting and excrement. I think we can all admit that we had a great time but I am responsible for taking us straight to the gutter. I will try to reign myself in next year.
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  5. Vacuuming- I just don't like doing it. I clean the apartment every week but I'd rather sweep every carpet and corner than turn on that vacuum cleaner. I just hate the noise. It's the same thing my sister says about my sneezes; the sound rocks my Aura. The hairballs on our carpet where starting to blow by like tumble-weeds and they've been attaching to my socks. It is not cool to be the one who tracks in hairballs into the yoga studio. You don't get a "namaste" for that! Thank you, Joel, for vacuuming last night. It was time and I am grateful to you.


Unknown said...

I enjoy reading your blog. 5 Things Friday is a great idea. Imperfections is a part of everyone as long as you strive to better yourself everyday.

Unknown said...

Thank you, Frank. I am grateful for your fine words and agree with you whole heartedly. I also enjoyed looking over your menu- good eats! I hope to hear from you again.

Sara said...

This made me tear up and giggle at the same time. Thanks for this!!